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THE LITTLE DIVE SHACK BY THE SEA is the smallest dive center on Little Corn Island.

Since we are a small-scale dive operation, all our dive excursions are with a few people only, in small groups.

It is also ideal for small groups of friends to have a private underwater experience.

Avoid crowded boats and dive sites, and Enjoy the individual attention of your instructor, that speaks your language.

Certified or not, come and learn to dive or expand your dive \knowledge and experience with our continuing education programs.


Our instructors are highly qualified, and we can offer SCUBA Diving Activities in English, Spanish, and German.

We offer FUN DIVES for Certified Divers and a wide range of Diving Courses and underwater experiences.

We do two double-tank dives daily (at 7:30 am and 1:00 pm) and change the tank on the boat between the two dives.

There is also an option for Sunset/Night excursions in the evening.

Our dive center proudly offers SSI (Scuba Schools International) certified courses. SSI is a globally recognized institution known for providing comprehensive training and certification in scuba diving.


We'd like to explain why we've chosen SSI over PADI and highlight the similarities between the two. Essentially, there's little discernible difference between PADI and SSI; both represent established brands in dive education, aiming to maintain a standardized level of learning and professionalism. In truth, all agencies adhere to the same fundamental standards set by the WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council).

Both organizations enjoy global recognition for their high-quality scuba diving training. Certifications from either are universally accepted at dive shops worldwide. You also have the flexibility to combine both. For instance, you could attain a PADI open water certification and then pursue your Advanced Adventurer certification at an SSI-affiliated shop without any hassle, all the way up to Instructor training.


One crucial aspect to consider when choosing a dive center is the ambiance, the quality of instructors, and online reviews.


At 'The Little Dive Shack by the Sea at Derek's Place', flexibility is one of the primary reasons we opted for SSI. We're committed to providing the best possible service to all our divers, and we believe we can achieve this more effectively within the SSI framework compared to PADI.


Other compelling reasons for choosing SSI courses include:


- A more environmentally-friendly approach with reduced paper usage for document signing. All SSI documents are easily and securely signed online.

- Enhanced, precise, and direct access to all e-learning materials for students, facilitating seamless online learning with the SSI app at no extra cost.

- All divers embarking on their Basic Scuba experience, Scuba Diver Course, or Open Water Course receive complimentary dive insurance—an especially valuable feature considering the challenges of obtaining it in Nicaragua.

- SSI's international recognition, which grants a C-Card to all Scuba Rangers and Basic Divers after their initial dive.


Need more information? Feel free to contact us; it's always a pleasure to assist.


Happy Bubbles to all!"



The crew at our dive center is composed of a captain and a couple of certified dive instructor onsite. Come down and  meet the friendly and knowledgeable staff members who are the heart of our business. Our team is experienced, savvy, and most important of all, friendly. Check out for yourself, we are waiting for you!!

Check all the DIVE Options below

Diving Options


Fun diving for certified divers

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Don't have enough time to do your Open Water?

Want to experience diving without getting certified?

Enroll in our Discover Scuba Diving programs.


We offer a range of different courses, from Open Water up to a Dive Guide/Dive Master

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