First, you need to get to Corn Island.

There are two different ways to get to Corn Island from Managua, by plane or via land and boat.

By plane

The fastest way to get to Little Corn Island from Managua is to fly with La Costena airline. You can book online at La Costena and check for up-to-date, accurate flight information.

Via land and boat

Another way to get to Corn Island is with a bus from Managua to Bluefields and a boat from Bluefields to Corn Island.

This option takes more time, around 1 to 2 days, depending on if you prefer to overnight in Bluefields (we recommend) before taking the boat.

The bus from Managua to Bluefields takes around 7 hours. There are buses everyday leaving from the Mayoreo Market (Managua), and the schedules run 6am, 8 am, 10 am, 12 am, 2:30 pm, 5 pm, 7 pm, 9 pm, 11 pm. The price is around $8pp.

The Hilario Sanchez boat travels from Bluefields to Corn Island leaves every Wednesday and Saturday at 9am from the municipal wharf. This trip takes approx. 8 hours and the price is $8pp

Getting From Big Corn Island to Little Corn Island

After arriving at Big Corn Island Airport, take a taxi, there are several of them at the airport (US$1 per person) to take you to the wharf to catch the panga to Little Corn Island.

*If you arrive with the boat from Bluefields, you will find the panga to Little Corn in this same wharf.

At the wharf, purchase your tickets for the panga that will take you to Little Corn Island. Tickets are sold on a “first come, first served” basis, so be sure to purchase your ticket prior to boarding as soon as you can. Panga schedule and prices has been varied for the last year, contact us directly for current panga schedule and price

Big Corn Island to Little Corn Island:
Departs 10:00 AM – Arrives 10:30 AM

Big Corn Island to Little Corn Island:
Departs 4:30 PM – Arrives 5:00 PM

Little Corn Island to Big Corn Island:
Departs 6:30 AM  – Arrives 7:00 AM

Little Corn Island to Big Corn Island:
Departs 1:30 PM – Arrives 2:00 PM

Typically, the panga and airline schedules are coordinated. Usually taking the morning panga from Little Corn Island to catch the morning flight works out fine.

It is a frequently asked question if you need to stay on Big Corn Island the night before an early morning flight back to Managua. While anything can happen, we never have missed a plane by taking the morning panga to Big Corn the morning of our flight. The panga schedule coordinates with flight schedules, so enjoy another night on Little Corn!.

You will arrive at Little Corn Island after the 30 to 40-minute panga ride.

We offer two options of dock pick up service to our guests at arrival to Little Corn Island's wharf. In order to do so, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance which boat, the 10 AM or the 4:30 PM you will arrive, so we can organize it for you.

Option 1: A water taxi from the wharf of Little Corn Island to our place, so watch for a Dereks Place “water taxi” representative. This service has a price of $9 per person to be paid to the captain. Remember to give us notice at least 24 hours in advance for this option.

Option 2: Someone with a wheel barrel can help you with your luggage by the path to our place, so watch for a Dereks Place “wheel barrel” representative at the wharf. If you did not arrange with us any pick up helper, you can always hire someone on the dock to help you with your bags. Either way,  the minimum cost for this kind of service on the island is a minimum of 200 Cordobas or about $6 USD.

Here, we are sharing a map with the path marked in red that takes you to our place from the wharf, in case you prefer to walk to our place without any help.

Call us anytime via whatsapp if you need any help. The walk from the wharf to our place takes you around 20 minutes.

Don’t forget to enjoy the experience!