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All the rooms are facing the East, we can see pretty sunrises from our beds, or from any of the verandas in all the cabanas. Our rooms provide clean bath and beach towels, we change the sheets of the beds every three days, or anytime is needed.

The rooms has mosquitoe nets if you requiry it, normally there are not too much mosquitos in this side of the island, so we normally do no need to use those.All our cabanas has a safety box inside each of them. We also like to use Our Natural Products in our bathrooms, like the Soaps, Body Gels, Shampoo & Conditioner.

THE SHOWERS at our place, are designed to conserve water, and at the same time give you the feeling you are bathing like in the old days. They are put together with much love and creativity, hope you enjoy them!!

To make the reservation with us, you need to contact us directly,

we can answer any questions and have a closer communication.

Click CONTACT US and Book now! button that you will find below the description of each cabana.

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