Description of the Cabana Bottle House:

The cabana Bottle House is a very comfortable and spacious 

for one, two or three persons. It is very popular for young 

families as well. This cabana has two double beds private bathroom with shower.

 An hammock and a couple of lazy chairs in the veranda.

 It is surrounded by plenty trees. The green cabana would be another great name for this cabana!


Prices for the Cabana Bottle House:

from 15th December to 20th of May 


US$75 per night  for two persons 

US$80 per night for three persons

US$85 for four persons


from 20th May to 15th of December 


US$65 per night for two persons

US$70 per night for three persons

US$75 for four persons


Dive with us! 


Discount of US$10 per night on the cabana if you go diving with us!

The little dive Shack by the Sea dive center