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Beach House, Dereks Place, Little Corn Island

Beach House


The Beach House cabana stands as the most spacious among the five, offering ample room for relaxation. You'll find inviting spaces to unwind in the kitchen, living room, and the expansive veranda, which features a hammock, a comfortable lounge chair, and various seating options for your comfort during your stay. Couples and families particularly appreciate the privacy this cabana provides.


Situated closest to the beach, it boasts a couple of hammocks nestled between the swaying coconut trees. You can while away the hours gazing out the window, observing frogs, iguanas, and even sizable crabs!


The cabana's loft-style layout features two separate compartments, each furnished with a comfortable double bed. Additionally, it comes with its own private bathroom complete with a refreshing shower designed with water conservation in mind. We've thoughtfully stocked the dispensers with our natural handmade soaps, created with care and creativity, for your indulgence. We genuinely hope you savor every moment of your bathing experience!





from the 15th of December to the 20th of May

US$103 per night  for two persons 

US$113 per night for three persons

US$123 for four persons

US$133 for five persons (if we add an

extra mattress in the living room downstairs)


from the 20th of May to the 15th of December

US$93 per night  for two persons 

US$103 per night for three persons

US$113 for four persons

US$123 for five persons (if we add an

extra mattress in the living room downstairs)

Dive with us!




Enjoy a US$5 per night discount on the cabana for each day you go diving with us!

The little dive Shack by the Sea dive center

To make a reservation with us, please reach out to us directly. We're here to answer any questions and ensure clear communication.

To book directly, simply click the button below, and we'll respond promptly.

Beach House Dereks Place, Little Corn Island
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