A place to stay, dive and relax!

 Enjoy a relaxed holidays!

Derek’s Place is located 20 minutes walk distance from the wharf. A pretty path brings you

from the village to our place.

This is a small and familiar place, just five cabanas.  The total capacity is a max of 14 guests per night.

We also have a Dive Center ON SITE, only two steps away from the hammock to the dive-boat at the beach. 

You will find as well a YOGA deck & Steam Sauna  to ditoxify and let you  very relaxed.

We try to be as much SELFSUFICIENT as posible, and we love produce our own cleaning products, soaps, gels, hair conditioner, and all those are also for our guests yo use.



We serve breakfast, lunch & dinners. 

The meals are not included in the price for the cabana, they are optional.

WE love Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine, but we also serve non vegetarian dishes.

The water is free and natural from our own well.


From 7am

You can choose from a variety of choices from US$3 to US$6

Eggs (Omelet, fried or scramble), toast bread and some fruit

  Fruit Salad with granola and honey



Toasts w/ Jelly

Coffee or Tea 

Natural Juices and Milkeshakes


Served at around 1pm  for  U$8,50 per person

A family style table, it includes 

salad, rice or pasta, the main meal, fried plantains

and a natural 


Please let us know if  have some kind of allergy or some food

 that you do not like, we’ll make it for everybody’s taste.


Served around 8pm

Diferent prices for different options

Vegetarian U$14  -  Fish, Beef or Chicken U$15  -  Seafood U$16 (prices per person)

Dinners are cooked homestyle,

using our wood fire oven to serve fresh baked bread

We like to serve different meals every night,

so you can taste different dishes during your stay.

Fresh coconut milk dishes, seafood, couscous, quinoa, pastas, 

and all kind of different vegan and vegetarian creative dishes 

that only you’ll find  right here!. 

All the meals are served on a family style table, 

where everybody sits and socialize at the same time. 

All dinners includes salad, natural drink and home made ice cream for dessert.

We do not serve dinners in weekends.